Despite the snow of last weekend, it looks like Spring has finally arrived. And not a moment too soon for those of us who have hardly seen our grass since last December. In fact, it has been perfect weather to welcome the latest addition to our menagerie, Henry. Or, more precisely, Henrietta. But more of her in a moment…We have been getting some work done in our kitchen – in short, breaking through the wall behind the sink and the creation of an island. As a result, Jenn and the kids spent some of the week in her mother’s new house up the road, while I stayed in Manhattan in the AC.Jenn and Orla conspired against me to get a second dog. They both knew they wanted a small dog (compared to Laoise, our mastiff). Every day they looked at pictures on the internet of bulldogs near us. Every night when I called, Orla – who had already picked out a name for the new addition – would say to me “Daddy, I want Henry. I want to pick him out“. (Clearly, even at two and a half she knows her own mind).So it should come as no surprise that when I arrived home from work on Friday afternoon, and Orla came running up to me to give me a hug saying “Daddy, I missed you” (again, not bad for two and a half) , I spotted at her feet what looked to be a little piglet. Closer inspection revealed that it was a bulldog, Henry. Closer inspection still revealed that it was Henrietta, not Henry. Henry, however, is the name she goes by.This week also saw the arrival of Orla’s first bike, a tricycle. She’s very proud of it and takes great care of it, running out to take it in out of the rain.Meanwhile, main news on the Eoghan front is that he said his fourth word today. And so it’s no surprise, given that he likes his food, that after “Mam“, “Dad” and his favourite, “No“, his new word is “Cracker“.


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