Working Out

April 14, 2008 | Leave a Comment

WorkoutConall continues to get big ! He’s crawling around, gets into everything, and can stand up and take a few steps. Pretty soon there’ll be no stopping him. He’s due for his checkup, so we’re curious to see where he is on the charts…

Meanwhile, Orla informed me the other day that she has fallen in love with a pony at Southlands, our local stable. Ginger Pony has stolen my heart, she told me solemnly. She can’t wait to have another pony of her own (she outgrew the one she used to have), and promises to be very responsible and take care of it. Her GrandDad used to warn against owning anything that eats while you sleep; still, if it makes her happy…

Eoghan seems destined to be an engineer. He’s forever building things, and drawing up plans for hovercrafts, boats and flying cars. Then he gets frustrated when Dad can’t build them for him. Maybe we should just turn him loose in the garage and see what happens…


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