Pony Pals

April 29, 2008 | Leave a Comment

Orla is reading up a storm these days. She’s a big fan of the Pony Pals series and, while there are almost fifty of them, at the rate she’s devouring them – two a day – she’ll be finished in no time. We’ll have to find another author soon !

Apropos ponies, Orla is continuing her riding lessons and was thrilled to attend the first ‘Pony Club’ meeting on Friday night at Southlands. She’s making plenty of friends there, and absolutely loves it. Eoghan, though, is content to hang out at home where is is mad to build things – trying to keep him calm is difficult, sometimes. And while Eoghan wants to put things together, Conall is happy to pull them apart. He’s a one man whirlwind, destroying anything he can get to.

All the kids have been enjoying the good weather recently. Conall loves the sandbox, while Eoghan loves capturing insects, and watching butterflies hatch in his little tank. They particularly love playing in the water – and the resultant mud – when they turn on the garden hose.

We’re in the process of moving NY apartment, so Jenn is busy organising movers and insurance and cable and electricity and all that fun stuff. (I’m in management, so I delegate to her!) The new place is close to the park, and the gym, so I’ll have no excuse not to be working out when in the city…

Also on the house front, while we have no immediate plans to move (having dropped out of purchasing the house we had intended to buy) we are now looking for a suitable parcel of land on which to build. Consequently we had fun checking out the recent Green Fair at the local fairgrounds at the weekend… we got lots of ideas on solar cells, solar heating, geothermal heating, etc. Can’t wait to find the right piece of land and get to work. Orla wants to ensure we have enough land for horses, Eoghan wants enough room to drive a gator, Jenn wants a stream to be able to take the kids to catch frogs and other critters, and I want enough space for a radio tower. So we’re keeping our eyes open…


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