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April 27, 2003 | Leave a Comment

So here we are, at the end of April. It’s been craziness as usual here at An Grianan.

Last weekend we had Easter. On Saturday, Jenn brought Orla to Southlands for an Easter egg hunt.
Part of the festivities included a pony ride. Orla, of course, wanted to go for a ride. Jenn was pretty sure, since the ponies were so big, that Orla would be petrified when the time came for her to mount up. But no, she showed no fear. Feet in the stirrups, holding the reins, she was a natural. So much so that she insisted on going for a repeat ride when the first came to an end…

Our kitchen is a tip right now. We decided on a simple remodeling exercise – to break through the wall behind the sink so that Jenn could keep an eye on the kids as she was cooking. Of course, things are never so simple once the contractors arrive.

“Well, we can extend the island out to here…”
“With the larger island, what about a nice Belfast sink.”
“That sink needs some new faucets – you can go for these…”
“That’s a gorgeous faucet. Shouldn’t you replace this old butcher block here ?”
“With the new butcher block, new counter tops would look really nice…”

Two weeks later and we still have no water in the sink. (We were without the dishwasher for almost two weeks. Try *that* with two kids !)

Incidentally, on the subject of kitchens, we’re learning that Eoghan is a smart cookie. I left a bottle of wine on the cooker, and Jenn said that it was dangerous, because Eoghan could get it.
“But it’s out of his reach”, I protested.
“Watch this”, she insisted.
A moment later, Eoghan came over, opened the oven door, and climbed up, using it as a step to reach the stove top.

On the ourdoor front, now that Spring is here Jenn – and Orla – are busy planting flowers in the front garden, and the courtyard. (Be sure to check out the webcam from time to time).
Despite her other qualities, Jenn is not so great at directing the hose when watering the flowers. Orla was not impressed.

“Mommy, I’m not a flower. Don’t water me”.


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