May 5, 2003 | Leave a Comment

It’s been a hectic week here. As usual. We’re still in the throes of renovation in the kitchen, although at least we now have running water. Jenn and the two kids were all sick for most of the last week, but fortunately they’re all well on the road to recovery.
That’s more than can be said for our angora rabbit, PJ (“Puddle Jumper”. Don’t ask why a rabbit gets a frog’s name in our house…). PJ is now an ex-rabbit. We’re down, officially, to one – “Hop-to”. We have, in a loose sense, at least one other. Jenn decided last year to release our initial two rabbits, Cadbury and Hershey, from their cage in the expectation that they’d live in the garden and look cute. Being rabbits, of course, they promptly left to find their fortunes in the world. Now the entire neighbourhood is concerned for the welfare of Hershey, as he roams at will. Cadbury, well, she seems to have gone to the great burren in the sky.

So Jenn’s batting average on the rabbit front has taken a bit of a knock. Meanwhile, my suggestion of rabbit stew, upon PJ’s demise, wasn’t dignified with a response.


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