It’s been a while since the last post here – and lots of things have been going on. For starters, here’s a link to my new iPhone gallery … it should be pretty easy to get pictures up here quickly now…

So what have we been up to ? Well, for one thing, Jenn and the kids went to Nantucket where they watched Justin and some friends participate in the Ironman race, raising money for Mantel Cell cancer research. They all had great fun, although poor Conall picked up a very nasty bronchitis bug that two almost a month – and two separate types of antiobiotics – to get over. He managed to pass it on to the entire family, so we were all sick to various degrees. As for me, I had gall bladder surgery on June 23rd, which went swimmingly; I was making a great recovery but then got hit by Conall’s bug which knocked me out for the count. Fortunately we’re all well recovered now.

Orla has been busy trying out new horses; we’ve had two home on trial, neither of which turned out to be suitable, but we have a third one coming in on Tuesday and Orla has her finger’s crossed that the third time will be the charm.She’s also been busy at Pony Camp, and Eoghan has been attending his ‘Bug Camp’ (where he can indulge his inner entomologist); both of them are also taking swimming lessons at our local Pool Club, and enjoy hanging our there in the afternoons. Even Conall loves the water; he often falls asleep in his mom’s arms when she takes him in the main pool.

I was off work for almost three weeks due to the surgery and the bronchitis; I managed to catch up on a lot of reading. Among other books, I read ‘My Cousin Rachel’ – Daphne du Maurier; ‘Woodbrook’ – David Thomson (highly recommended); ‘The Lost Painting’ – Jonathan Harr; ‘Taking Pictures’ – Anne Enright (self-indulgent crap), ‘South Of The Border’ – James Ryan; ‘The Irresistible Inheritance Of Wilberforce’ – Paul Torday (interesting concept but ultimately fails).


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