The past week saw me away on business. On Saturday afternoon, Orla saw the car that had come to bring me to the airport.
Who’s that, Daddy ?
That’s the car to bring me to work.
Don’t go to work, Daddy

With that, Orla ran over and closed, and locked, the front door.
She was none too pleased that I had to head off anyway – so annoyed that for the next day, whenever Jenn mentioned me, Orla looked ticked off.

Sunday morning saw my arrival in Dublin for lunch; that afternoon I continued on to Frankfurt. Monday night was spent in London, where Ian and I checked out some of our old haunts. Tuesday night I managed, despite the bad weather and the French air traffic control strike, to make it to Madrid. Thursday saw my return to the barn, by which time Orla had forgiven me and was pleased to see me again.
She had a fun week; Jenn took her to the local tack shop, where she got outfitted with riding boots, jodhpurs and helmet. She’s all set for starting her career as an equestrienne – we fed the horses at southlands, and signed her up (at her own insistence) for pony rides starting next week.

Meanwhile, Eoghan is continuing to turn into a little boy – although one who likes to vacuum clean. He’s also following in his sister’s footsteps by perfecting his pointing skills, to let Mommy and Daddy know what he wants. If that doesn’t work, of course, he can always resort to screaming ! He likes to ride, too, although since horses are still a little too big for him he’s content with our mastiff, Laoise. We’re looking forward to our summer trip to Ireland where he can beat up his cousins.

Jenn and Orla planted their vegetable and herb gardens today; we’ll let you know if anything grows – or check out the webcam !


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