Orla and Eoghan have signed up for an acting camp at the Rhinebeck Performing Arts Center. When Jenn picked them up yesterday after the class, they were delighted.

Mom, said Orla. I got the part I wanted in the play. I’m Cinderella. And it’s perfect, because the boy who is playing Prince Charming is the hottest boy in the class.

Eoghan got a great role, too. He’s going to be Cinderella and Prince Charming’s little boy, who’s a real troublemaker. Sounds like a perfect part for him…

They’ve being having a lot of fun at their various camps. Orla was delighted at swim club, where she made the swim team. And in her very first races she came in first ! Fortunately, though, with the really hot weather we’ve being suffering through, competitions are over now and so we don’t have to hang out at the pool from the unearthly hour of 9AM on a Saturday !

Meanwhile, Eoghan is excited at the prospect of building some ham radios with me. After reading a book about penguins, he’s convinced that when he gets on the radio he can make friends with scientists down in Antarctica and that they’ll send him a penguin for his very own. When I asked him where he’d keep it he replied “in the freezer“. So he’s got all the answers.

Speaking of having all the answers, our precocious Orla has them all, too. When Jenn was giving out to her and Eoghan for getting all dirty after a mud fight yesterday she replied Mom, we all have to have mudfights. It’s a childhood rite of passage.

They’re all off to New Hampshire in a week or so; Orla will get to see how her pony Allie is doing while being trained by Jenn’s cousin Michelle – we’re hoping Allie will be able to come home with us at the end of the summer. Jenn and the kids will spend some time in Boston, too, while I shoot over to Kerry for a couple of days to meet up with Ian and June and check out some houses there.


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