It’s been a hectic few weeks here at the barn. (Not that is unusual). Eoghan’s Godmother RB came to visit, compete with her two dogs (two crazy labs, Bearie and Olive). Not content with beating up Laoise and Henry, they also barked all night ! Now I appreciate how good L&H are !
Orla really liked having her aunt RB around; they had lots of fun going for walks, and baking chocolate chip cookies, and playing in the garden.

After RB left, we had Memorial Day, but the weather was atrocious so we didn’t do too much. Jennifer discovered that her children are growing up, and quickly.
She walked into the kitchen to discover Eoghan feeding himself with no bother, and Orla dispelled any notion of dependence
Momma, I don’t need you anymore. I’m going to get a big truck, just like Daddy. I don’t need you anymore, momma !

Yesterday was a day for check-ups. We discovered that Laoise, the mastiff, is 108 lbs, at 11 months. Meanwhile, and more importantly, it was also Eoghan’s check-up day yesterday. He’s now 16 1/2 months, and a big bruiser. The doctor measured him, then said in disbelief
“No, that can’t be right”,
and measured him again. But it was right – Eoghan is now 35 inches tall. One yardstick that people use is that whatever height you are when you reach two years old is half of the height you’ll ultimately be when you grow up. At this rate, if he only grows another 3 inches in the next 7 months he’s on track to be 6’4″ !
And his independent big sister still loves him.
I’ll push his carriage, Momma. I don’t need you

Both kids are starting their schooling early ! Jenn is going to enroll Orla in a pre-K distance learning program and she ordered the Muzzy French language program for both kids. So pretty soon they’ll be able to order croissants to go with their cafe-au-lait’s !


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