The Four Year Itch

July 15, 2003 | 1 Comment

Well, it’s hard to believe but we’ve made it to July 15th 2003 – our fourth wedding anniversary. We’re off to dinner tonight, leaving Jenn’s mother Suzanne baybsitting the two holy terrors. (I hope she knows what she’s in for !)Meanwhile, it’s been hectic as usual here over the last month. Brian is just back from a two week trip – a wedding in Ireland (congrats, Brendan and Niamh), followed by a week in Connemara, with a drop-off in Achill to see Ann and Caitriona, then a week of meetings in Madrid, Valencia, Dublin and Frankfurt. It was great to get back to the family – especially as this followed on from a week of meetings in Spain in early June…Poor Jenn was left holding down the fort alone. Things went pretty well on the home front, overall – Orla’s quite the conversationalist now, ready to talk about the weather, her art, and cooking, among other things. For some bizarre reason she insists on celebrating her birthday. Every day. She’s also been modeling her ballet dress. Unfortunately, so too has Eoghan.Weather here has been fabulous, so we’ve been hanging out at the pool quite a lot. The kids adore the water and have a splashing good time with Uncle Justin.(The next big excitement will be his wedding to Carol in august; God only knows what divilment the kids will get up to there. It will be their first true public appearance and I’m sure they’ll make it a truly memorable occasion for all concerned…)


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  1. Leanne on July 17, 2003 5:31 am

    Eoghan is such a little cherub – you must just want to pick him up and cuddle him all the time!!! If he’ll stay still! I now know what little independent munchkins they are at this age! Orla too is gorgeous in her ballet garb and such a little debutante! A few of our pics from the MIdsummer Night’s Ball are on my bro’s website at http://homepage.mac.com/willars/Menu7.html held at The Royal Hospital Kilmainham – to Which Eleanor joined us for an hour and then was collected by taxi with her babysitter (A’s cousin).

    All’s well for us and we’re off to London tonight to spend a few days with my family. Have a great weekend yourselves!