This weekend was a lot of fun. Thursday night saw Orla head with GrandMa and Bethany to the Headless Horseman, the most popular haunted attraction in the country. Having read the eponymous story by Washington Irvine the previous day, she was all set, and the chainsaw wielding ghouls and creepy creatures didn’t faze her at all… Meanwhile, Jenn, Eoghan and I watched The SpiderWick Chronicles on our big screen, and Eoghan was thrilled to learn all about brownies and boggarts and goblins…

On Friday we took the kids to Ferncliff Forest, originally part of the Astor estate and notable now for its observation tower. Orla and Eoghan had a great time climbing up to the top, where we had spectacular views of the Kingston Bridge and a panoramic view of the Hudson river and the fall foliage.

On Saturday, we had two Hallowe’en parties. The first was at the home of one of Orla and Eoghan’s friends, where they got to see his chickens, and played some fun games like pin the tail on the donkey and bash the pinata ! We brought along a traditional barm brack that I had made, but I guess the kids don’t trust my baking…

Next up was a party at GrandMa’s where she had a party celebrating both Hallowe’en and Bethany’s birthday. The kids loved the decorations, and were especially impressed by Patricia’s witch costume, although the stormy weather with its thunder and lightning freaked Orla out a bit…

On Sunday we dropped the kids, together with Jenna their babysitter, off at a local craft store in town where they spent a few hours painting different kinds of pottery. It’s being fired now,and we plan to pick it up on Thursday. I’m hoping I can sell it, and put the kids to work full time ! While the kids were busy, Jenn and I headed to yet another park in the neighbourhood, at the Unification Seminary, where we explored the trail along the river. We didn’t make it to the Labyrinth, but hope to check it out next weekend.


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