Ready for Christmas

December 20, 2008 | Leave a Comment

The kids are excited that Christmas is just around the corner. We’ve had a lot to keep them busy.
First, there was Orla’s first horse show with her friends from the Stables. It was two weeks ago, on a freezing Saturday morning. She was a bit chilly but had a wonderful time and gained a lot of experience. Then there was the Sinter Klaas festival in Rhinebeck, which celebrated a Dutch Christmas tradition. The kids had a lot of fun.
This past weekend I took Orla into the city for our annual trip to The Nutcracker. We went to a matinee show this year, and as usual Orla had her photo taken with a ballerina. The show was, as always, wonderful and we thoroughly enjoyed it, although we were fighting over the opera glasses when Arabian Coffee was strutting her stuff (Orla won).
Orla and Eoghan also had their gymnastic holiday show and each came home with new medals. They did a great job. Conall is expanding his vocabulary daily and has added, “Go!” to his list when sitting in his red sled atop of our backyard hill. He loves going speeding down and racing his siblings. He also for some bizarre reason has taken a shine to his dad, dragging me frequently by the sleeve to play trains. He calls me “Bri”.
Last week also saw us start a new family tradition – chopping down our own Christmas tree. We went to Battenfeld’s with Kevin and Lisa, along with Dave and Tracey and their assorted kids. Orla, of course, wanted the largest tree – a 20 foot monster – but we finally managed to settle for something a mite smaller. Fortunately Dave was ready to lend a hand and carry it to our truck, before we all headed back to the barn for dinner.


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