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January 28, 2009 | Leave a Comment

Orla, ready for winter !

Orla, ready for winter !

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It’s been a long cold lonely winter. I guess the Beatles had most of it right. We may not be lonely, but with snow frozen on the ground for what seems like months now the novelty is wearing off. Just today we got another 6 or 8 inches; there’s plenty for Jenn to shovel.

The snow has been great for one thing – sledding. Orla, Eoghan and I have been having lots of fun sledding at Mills Mansion. It’s great fun to get on the sled and let it rip – something we missed out on growing up in Ireland where, if you got an inch of snow in five years, you were lucky. Orla and Eoghan are pretty fearless, not being afraid to go hell for leather down the slope. In fact, it’s been so cold here recently that the snow turns to ice and makes the hillsides even slicker. The only downside is that if you crash and burn it tends to hurt !

In part due to the snow we didn’t have a huge birthday party for Eoghan’s 7th; instead, we had family gathering with his buddy from gmynastic class, George. That was a lot of fun, but we’re going to do a big get together at the bowling alley as well when the weather cooperates. It’s hard to believe he’s 7 now; time passes so quickly. One thing we do have to work on, though, is his sense of ethics : I was explaining to him about the ponzi scam that Bernie Madoff was allegedly engaged in, to the tune of $50 billion or so; Eoghan said why can’t we do the same thing ? I had to explain a few little things called fraud and SEC enforcement to him. This seems to be a pattern with him; when Jenn was talking to him a few months ago about selling our house, he asked why we don’t pretend to prospective purchasers that there’s gold hidden in the walls. That should make them want to buy it, he said eagerly. He’s all set to sell our house and move to Florida, where he can be in a pool everyday and near some of his cousins.

He and Orla are taking a keen interest in the Iditarod dog sled race. They’ve been studying it as part of their school work, having just finished learning all about Ancient Rome, and now they’re picking out the teams they want to support in the race, and watching videos about it. They’re planning to send a letter and have it carried along the route by one of the competition sleds.

Conall, on the other hand, is content with destroying the house. He spends most of his time in the kitchen, opening and then climbing up on the door of the oven so he can see what’s cooking on the stove. That’s when he’s not pouring the dog food out on the floor. (At least he’s not like Eoghan, who used to eat the dog food). He loves his sleep, though. Just today, he didn’t have a midday nap as Jenn is trying to wean him off them. At about 4pm he climbed the stairs to his room and lay down on the floor. Then we heard “Oh no, bobba”. Next we see him back in the kitchen, where get asks Jenn to give him his bottle of milk, which he proceeds to take and go back up the stairs to his bed. While he loves his sleep, he’s not too fond of his crib. On one occasion he actually broke the bars of the crib, and a number of other times he managed to climb out. So now we have to keep a good eye on him when he’s supposed to be sleeping.

Of course, sleep for all of us is interrupted every morning by Orla’s confounded new puppy, Roisin. She’s a terrible yapper when she’s left alone, so we’ll have to do something about that. Orla is working to crate train her; once that’s accomplished Orla is all set to have the puppy sleep in her room. We’ll see how that works out…

I’ve been enjoying taking it easy, reading and catching up on some projects. This week, though, it’s back to the grindstone. Classes have started again at Baruch, where I’m teaching a few sessions a week, and then there are a few other projects I have starting up. Still, I’m hoping to make it over to Ireland in a few weeks.


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