Orla’s Friends

August 18, 2003 | Leave a Comment

Orla is busy these days making friends, but of the unconventional kind. In addition to the commonplace dogs, cat, (dear departed) rabbits and Captain Morgan, her pony, she has some more unusual ones.

First, there are her hermit crabs that she takes everywhere with her. Then there’s her pet rock, which she insists on making a bed for, complete with pillow and comforter. Then there’s her pet fly. Curiously enough, wherever we go, her pet fly is sure to turn up there, too. It comes in the car with us when we go to Grandma’s, and eats our food sometimes. (That’s something that Momma’s not too keen on, obviously:) Then, of course, there’s Ghost Friend, her invisible friend. And she’s mad about Little Bear.

Every night before she goes to sleep, Momma tells her that the fairies are coming to sprinkle gold dust on her eyes. And when Momma asks her what she’ll dream about, her reply is always
“Little Bear”.
We always know when Orla is tired, because she says
“I hear the fairy wings flapping, Momma”.

When she likes her Momma she says
“Momma, you’re my little angel”.
Then she continues
“Momma, I got a question for you. Tomorrow we drive Big Gator ? Tomorrow Grandma drive tractor ?”
I guess we’re raising country hicks…

Meanwhile, Eoghan is developing quite the temper. He’s continuing to grow, and we think he’s stronger than Orla by now. He’s got a fascination with cookware, and loves to carry around a big Le Creuset casserole pot. And like his sister and his mother (but not his father) he’s developing a kinship with animals. He’s fond of Mickey, Captain Morgan’s barn mate. When jenn drives the kids to give carrots to the ponies, he laughs hysterically when Mickey sniffs the back of his head. We’re very lucky that Southlands, the stables, are just 5 minutes down the road. (Of course, his father likes the ponies too, but that’s another story…)


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