The Dutchess County Fair is on this week. An annual event, it’s held at the fairgrounds which are conveniently located in Rhinebeck. Convenient location, that is, although we’re not too fond of the extra crowds in town and the accompanying traffic.
Anyway, Jenn brought the kids on Wed, and both of the kids insisted on going for pony rides. They show no fear – I’ll post some pictures soon.
Jenn told Orla this morning that they would return to the fair, and asked her what sort of new pet she wanted – a cat, a dog or a rabbit.
I want a lion
No Orla, which do you want – a cat, a dog or a rabbit ?
Momma, I want a lion. And we need to get a crate for it, with a lock, so it can’t get out.
And will it play with Henry and Laoise ?
No, Momma, it can’t play with my puppies cos it would eat them. We have to keep it the crate

So this afternoon they’re off to the fair again. One of the attractions is a concert, which will be a first for the kids. Although it’s pretty sad when their first trip to a music gig is to see The Village People.
Meanwhile, we’ll see if Orla returns with a lion…


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