The two older kids have been having fun on their new bikes, keen to go with me through the neighborhood parks. They’ve also been going fishing, with varying degrees of success. Conall, meanwhile, is happy to chase the ducks at the local fishing spot while the older two are working on dinner.
Conall is getting to be very talkative, chattering away non-stop. And some of it is even intelligible. Unlike the other two at his age, he loves to be outdoors and exploring; so much so that we have had to put an additional lock on the door to keep him inside.
He’s a budding naturalist; Orla thinks he’s hilarious. She took great fun in describing to me how he found an ant and was sitting on the floor in the kitchen, holding it in his hand and saying “so cute, so cute“. However, the ant must have bitten him because next minute he stood up, threw it to the floor, and stood stamping on it as he yelled “Cute. Not.

I’ve been doing quite a bit of travelling. Classes finished in the city so I don’t have to head in for my weekly sessions, but I took a road trip to Dayton, Ohio last week for an amateur radio convention. That was a lot of fun, and the new truck worked out well. Next thing is to install my new submarine antenna in the truck ! Meanwhile, I’m off to Ireland for a week in a couple of days.


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