August 28, 2003 | Leave a Comment

The weather is glorious, having cooled down somewhat from the excesses of the past few months, our roses are in bloom, there’s a long weekend beckoning, it’s almost Orla’s birthday and we’re having a party – and the garden is a quagmire.
When we renovated the house a few years back, we replaced the septic system – or so we thought. Well, it turns out we replaced merely part of it (albeit the important part), but not the leach field. In a nutshell, it means that in a storm (of which we’ve had many, recently) the rain just pools up.
So we’re now in the midst of “The Big Dig”, and are taking the opportunity to truck in vast quantities of topsoil to level out the (previously steeply inclined) lawn. Jenn has pointed the webcam towards the front so occasionally trucks and tractors can be seen at work…
In addition, the local town is replacing the drains in the road outside and resurfacing, so it’s chaotic outside the garden as well as inside. Still, with a bit of luck they’ll all be cleared out by the weekend…


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