According to the calendar its summer, but from the weather we’re having you’d think it was early winter. We’ve been having thunderstorms and torrential rain on an almost daily basis recently. Add to that the fact that Arizona is having its coolest summer in 100 years and you might start to agree with global warming sceptics…

Anyway, despite the rain, the kids have been enjoying swim club this summer. Both Orla and Eoghan are pretty good swimmers now, and Conall is happy to be in the toddler pool. He also loves hanging out on the playground where he is an intrepid adventurer, climbing up and down for hours.
Orla had a fantastic week at horse camp – so good, in fact, that she signed up for another week. She gets to ride every day and also have lots of cool activities with her friends there. Her enthusiasm was so infectious that Eoghan decided that he, too, wanted to sign up – despite the fact that he didn’t like riding ! Unfortunately, he took to it like a duck to water and now he wants his own horse, too !

Last weekend saw July 4th, so the kids got to see a great firework show over the Hudson river. They watched the show at Kingston (the original capital city of New York state) from their Uncle Justin’s house on the east bank of the river. The pyrotechnics were way cool, the kids decided.
They also got to go to a demolition derby at our local Dutchess County Fairgrounds. They absolutely loved it ! And they were especially delighted when a female driver won her heat. Well, Orla was, anyway !

Right now we’re all exhausted. We have a big dumpster and are doing a decennial spring cleaning ahead of our anniversary party. Jenn and Sue are doing the heavy lifting, and I’m doing the supervising. I think I have the harder job…


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