Wireless Coffee

September 24, 2003 | Leave a Comment

Oh the wonders of the internet. Last week I was in Japan, and due to the joys of broadband access in my hotel room was able to surf the web on my trusty (Apple) Powerbook.  Now I’m sitting in a Starbucks store in midtown Manhattan, sipping a lousy coffee (Americans in general seem to have no clue how to make real coffee) and again surfin’. Now I’ve no excuse for ignoring my email…

No major news; the kids are doing well. Orla is delighted with her new rabbits, and turning into a real pony afficianado… Eoghan is a right little monster… Jenn is in great form… and I’m waiting for my new Apple G5 to be delivered.
We’re also in the process of upgrading from our 640kbps DSL to our new 8mbps cable modem. Unfortunately this doesn’t currently support static IP, so I’ll probably move the website to an external server. We’ll see…

Meanwhile, I have some new pictures which I’ll post this weekend. Stay posted.


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