Fall at Hopeland

October 29, 2009 | Leave a Comment

Orla and Eoghan, hiding from Mom

Orla and Eoghan, hiding from Mom

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One of the downsides to using Facebook, which we’ve been doing a lot, is that I have been remiss in updating this site. And the danger of Facebook is that it’s ephemeral, so that photos and stories can get lost. In the future I’ll be better about updating this site.

The other day we took the kids letterboxing in Hopeland, the park right across the street from us. We were joined by Carol and Justin, and Ace, and had a great time, with the autumn light showing the park off to its best. Ace enjoyed stamping his book once Eoghan and Orla had found the cached box, and then when we made our way on to the ‘Troll’s Bridge’, they took great delight in secreting the new letterbox that they had made up, and for which Jenn had written a little story. (If you want to find it, check out this description).

I have posted pictures from the stroll, and will be posting more from the summer over the next few weeks. As always, photos can be found under the ‘Photos’ link on the right…


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