Ready For Christmas

December 16, 2009 | Leave a Comment

It’s hard to believe Christmas is already here. The Fall flew by, with the kids maturing in leaps and bounds. Orla has become even more sophisticated than she already was in her dinner conversation. She is developing her father’s sarcasm and enjoyment of conundrums. Eoghan is showing great aptitude as well in solving our dinner riddles and puzzles that we try to do when we can. The sibling rivalry amongst the two of them has gotten a bit better, and they even manage to accomplish great things with the new found team work — Thanksgiving saw them peel and make the mashed potatoes on their own and they even cleared the dishes without being told too. We were most surprised!

With this new found work ethic and maturity, Orla somehow managed to talk us into yet another dog. She has been much better keeping up with the chores the puppy involves, including rising at 6:30 am. It’s a very cute golden retriever named Angel (since she’s white and came to us at Christmas). Eoghan, in the meantime, continues to spoil his shih-tzu, Puff. Eoghan and Puff are best friends and roommates, with Puff curling up with Eoghan nightly.

Conall has grown this past month in height and speech. He’s extraordinarily independent, and is quite happy to get up from his bed, go downstairs, open the fridge and grab some ice cream, and bring it back up to his bed with him. If we’re ever looking for him after dinner, that’s where he’s often to be found – sitting on his bed, digging into a tub of ice cream, while watching television.

He was a man of few words until recently. He’s now becoming quite vocal. Whereas in the past he only used a few expressions, such as “Oh No !“, “Oh, Man !” or “I sorry!“, some of his many new phrases include, “Help me. I’m stuck! Up!” when he wants out of his crib at bedtime. “I don’t like it” for just about every food except ice cream. “Daddy, what’s going on here ?” is his response whenever dad is in the kitchen. But since he spends so much time on the computer watching videos on YouTube, it seems like the constant litany throughout the day is “How ’bout this one ?” when he sees a new video he wants someone to start playing for him.

While he’s pretty good at sharing, it seems that his response is “No that mine, Conall’s” for almost everything you might want to get in the house. “What are you doing here?” or “Just go home!” is his response to guests. And he reserves the “I love you” for Grandma on the phone when she calls from Florida.


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