More Snow

January 28, 2004 | Leave a Comment

Well, we shouldn’t be surprised. After weeks of frigid weather, with temperatures in the single digit fahrenheit range, while we’ve avoided the obscene snow showers of last year it looks like we’ll finally get pummeled again.  The National Weather Service is predicting up to a foot of snow; given their recent track record, that means we’ll probably get anywhere from 2 inches to 24. 


Orla, at least, is worried about her Daddy.

How will Daddy get home if it snows ? she asked solicitously.


She didn’t know that I’m actually in Tokyo; I’m here on a 5 day business trip, but should be home (weather permitting) on Friday. Meanwhile, she likes kimonos. When Jenn asked her what I should bring her home from Japan, she responded

Just a bathrobe, Daddy, that’s all.


Eoghan, on the other hand, has no interest in clothes, kimonos or otherwise. Right now, all he seems concerned about is clobbering things with his hammer.


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