April update

April 14, 2010 | Leave a Comment

It was an action packed Spring. Unfortunately we’ve been more diligent about updating our Facebook pages than this site, but shall be better in future !

We had two birthdays, Eoghan’s in January, followed by Conall’s in March. We had both of their parties at Grandma’s house, where they love her conservatory. In fact, one of the first things Conall does in the morning is ask “When are we going to Grandma’s house ?

I had a quick trip to Ireland at St. Valentine’s Day to meet up with Darach and family who were home from Hong Kong for a short holiday. We had a nice time catching up with the girls, Aisling and Siobhan, who are getting very tall. We celebrated Chinese New Year with lunch (Chinese, of course !) and were joined by our cousins Carmel and Marthena, who had lived in Hong Kong, so it was a merry gathering.

Back home, the kids are happy the cherry blossom trees are blooming and Spring is here!  The year has flown by, it’s hard to believe summer is around the corner.  Over the Winter the kids tried out some new classes including Kids Yoga and gymnastics, anything to help burn off the extra energy from early nights and cold days.  Eoghan really took a liking to Yoga, since it involved head stands – it turns out he loves being upside down !

Gymnastics was a lot of fun too, so much so that Conall decided that he wanted to join up too while he watched the big guys through the class window.  He’s still too young, but you would never know from looking at him.  He wears size 5 comfortably and, although he’s thinning out a bit, he is still a giant among 3 year olds.  He is reaching that stage where he wants to do everything his older siblings do, and has become much more verbal.  He trails along behind the big ones on the way into the kitchen, calling out to Jenn, “Where’s my video game ?!” At the moment he is satisfied with the Leapster video game, but he’s eyeing a Mac of his own!

When the kids have had enough of the “baby” following them around, they sometimes go into their rooms and shut him out.  The poor guy follows them up the stairs and knocks on the door politely. “Orla, could you open the door, I need you !“,  he shouts to the closed door. Meanwhile, this morning it was “Excuse me, turn on the TV please“.

Orla gave up horse riding over the winter for the cold months and concentrated on training her new puppy, Angel (a golden retriever).   She is a smart dog, and Orla has taught her most of the obedience commands. Puff – Eoghan’s dog – on the other hand is still just spoiled.  He lies around on the couch or in bed with Eoghan all day and night.  And Henri, the bulldog, is still going strong at 8 years old.  The one complaint we all have is that her enormously loud snoring keeps us all awake some nights!  I keep telling Jenn no more animals, but somehow 2 hamsters have managed to sneak their way into the house in the kids rooms. My requests fall on deaf ears, but the kids seem happy having to share their space with rodents.

There wasn’t too much illness over the winter, although Jenn, Orla and Conall came down with a very nasty bug that took about four days to clear up. That cast a little bit of a damper on Easter, but the kids still managed to get out and enjoy their Easter egg hunts.

All in all, it was a quiet winter and we’re happy that Spring is here.  The kids have lots of field trips planned with their homeschooling friends, and play dates at the weekends.  Meanwhile, Orla in particular is developing a very dry sense of humor, so our dinner conversations are often quite jovial, and it’s great fun taking them to the movies and hearing their commentaries afterwards.

They are all growing up fast now it’s scary, and Orla is even starting to get calls from her friends during the day now.  I had just canceled our extra line, so I hope I won’t be regretting that…


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