January 15, 2004 | Leave a Comment

Boy, it’s cold tonight. I stayed in the city to meet with Tara, Anthony, and Maureen, who’s visiting from Dublin. We had a nice dinner and then Anthony and I had a few beers in O’Neills on 45th and 3rd. The walk back to my studio was damn cold – with the wind chill which, trust me, you feel if walking on the street with bare ears, it was -19F, or -28C. In general, the cold in Ireland is far, far worse due to the dampness which gets into your bones, but at almost -30C below you start to feel a different kind of cold… Your face starts to feel like it’s being squashed in a vice. Still, given a choice I think I’d still settle for the New York winter. Once you come in from the cold in NY you’re fine, but in Ireland that dampness stays in you for a long time.


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