On Burger Hill

On Burger Hill, where we were geo-caching

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The weather has been gorgeous recently, and we’ve been making the most of it. On Sunday we decided to try geo-caching, which is similar to letterboxing in that the objective is to find a hidden item. geo-caching, you try to locate the treasure using GPS coordinates, whereas with letterboxing you follow a set of clues. So we loaded the kids, and Orla’s golden retriever Angel, and set out to climb up Burger Hill, the highest point in the locality. When we reached the top we realized that relying on my iPhone to lead us to the secret stash just wasn’t going to cut it. Better luck next time – it occurred to me later that the iPhone reported minutes and seconds, whereas the geo-cache instructions may have been in decimal. We’ll have to go back and check. Still, we did enjoy the beautiful views. And we found a letterbox cache by accident !

A few days later we headed down with Justin and Carol to our local park, Mills Mansion, which is on the bank of the Hudson River. At the water’s edge there’s a sandy beach where the kids and dogs love to run. We took Angel with us to see if she really was a retriever. She certainly proved it, jumping and splashing in the water with abandon. The kids had a great time, too, convincing us that the timbers they discovered were from the wreck of a pirate ship.

We’re so lucky having three different parks right across the street from us, and it’s great for the kids all year around. In the winter they can go sledding, and in the other seasons walking, running, collecting butterflies and frogs and generally exploring nature. There’s even a New York State-run environmental center there that provides classes, including some just for home-schoolers, where the kids learn about the local flora and fauna.

On Friday, Jenn’s Mom called to let us know that she had a spare hotel room in Boston for the weekend, so Jenn and the kids loaded into the car and travelled with her. They adore going to Boston, and the Marriott which is in an ideal location beside Fanuiel Hall and the North End. They love going to the aquarium and the Children’s Museum, and of course the seafood. According to Orla, Legal Seafood’s clam chowder is the best you can find !
They didn’t worry too much about leaving Dad at home to do some work. When I texted Jenn to let her know I had a sandwich for lunch, Orla responded “Well, I guess he figured out how to feed himself…” – I wouldn’t want to be relying on her for my survival ! Meanwhile, the trip is going well, although the hotel security staff did call to the hotel room at midnight last night in response to another guest reporting a disturbance. It seems that Conall was being a bit too loud…He better be quiet tonight; we don’t want to have them evicted from the hotel !


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