Walking down the street these days in Rhinebeck it’s impossible to miss the TV cameras and assorted journalists who are scoping out the town in anticipation of Chelsea Clinton’s wedding. Rumor has it that the wedding will be held at Astor Courts, the old Astor estate that borders Annie Liebowitz’s pad looking out over the Hudson River. As it happens, the supposed venue for the wedding, an impressive house on 50 acres, is only a small part of the original Astor holdings; the family still own a huge tract of land in Rhinebeck.
Orla and Eoghan are excited to see the news crews in town, and are sure that they’ll be interviewed and become famous. Meanwhile, I’m just hoping that the commotion over the wedding doesn’t upset our day to day routines too much, and that there will be no road closings.
We can take comfort in the fact that it seems certain that another initially rumored venue, The Locusts, is now out of the running. Coincidentally, the Locusts adjoins the site of a now-demolished manor house, Hopeland, that was the site of an Astor wedding back in the early twentieth century. Since that estate is situated literally across the road from our house, if the wedding were to have been held there it would have been a right pain in the rear.


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