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It’s been obnoxiously hot here this week, so we haven’t been doing too much. On Sunday we took Eoghan and Conall to Hudson, a town right on the river and with a long, wide main street, full of antique stores, although it’s still struggling. There are some decent eateries there, and this time we went to one of our favourite Mexican restaurants, Mexican Radio. Orla’s not a fan of spicy food these days, although when she was younger she loved Thai and other ethic food. The boys, though, enjoyed it as much as Jenn and I did.

We also took the kids during the week for lunch at our local Japanese restaurant in Rhinebeck, along with Sue, Justin and Beth. Jenn had taken the kids into town to see some of the TV cameras that were filming segments in town about Chelsea Clinton’s upcoming wedding, and the kids were hoping that they’d be filmed and become famous. Not this time, though. They enjoy going to the Japanese place, because they always love watching the chef performing at the hibachi grill, although Conall got a little freaked out at the pyrotechnics and bade a hasty retreat to another table or a while. He was happy to come back and join us when it was time for some ice-cream, though !

Orla collecting crabs in the Hudson as the sun sets

Orla collecting crabs in the Hudson as the sun sets

Despite the heat we also went for a few walks at Mills Mansion, taking our golden retriever Angel with us. We all like going down to the sandy beach by the river’s edge, and Angel loves to swim in the Hudson. The kids love searching for pirate shipwrecks and other treasure, and on this trip they weren’t disappointed as they found quite a few dead crabs washed up on the shore. Next time we need seafood we know where to go…


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  1. Brian OHagan on July 29, 2010 6:23 am

    wow!!! Eoghan looks just like my Cousin Greg Deagan!!! when he was the same age….

  2. Brian on July 29, 2010 7:59 am

    Those good-looking genes, what can I say…