Entertainment TonightJenn and the kids have been hanging out in town for the last few days, making friends with various news crews who are in town to cover the Chelsea Clinton wedding. We have no interest in the wedding, per se, and I find it interesting that there is so much media interest in this wedding, compared with, for example, that of Jenna Bush. Dare I say it reeks of a liberal bias in the media, and a fascination with all things Democratic ? We are, however, happy that the wedding will be held in Rhinebeck, since the publicity will probably bring tourists to check out our ‘sleepy little town’.

Anyway, the kids were excited to hang out with the ‘Entertainment Tonight’ crew, and after Eoghan got to hold the microphone he has decided that he wants to be a cameraman when he grows up. They were busy last night watching all the news shows that had segments on Rhinebeck and the wedding, and spotted Grandma walking down the sidewalk.

Click to view video !Orla and Eoghan on NY1
They headed into town again this morning and spent time chatting with their new-found friends, but weren’t interviewed. However, tonight when they were checking out the various shows they were thrilled to see that footage of them taken yesterday was aired today on the New York TV channel, NY1. The footage also features Grandma (in pink) commenting about Chelsea. Even if we didn’t make the cut for the wedding, they feel famous now…


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