We’re finally back home. Jenn and the kids were away for the last three weeks, on holidays in Orlando, Florida. They had a great time, enjoying swimming in the pool every day and learning about the local wildlife. Orla had lots of fun catching lizards, frogs and snails, catching them every evening and taking them to sleep with her before releasing them in the morning.

The kids turned into very accomplished swimmers (or floaters, at least). With their Mae West life jackets on, they were content to splash away for hours in the pool, kicking and splashing their way from one end to the other, and then starting over again. Eoghan is a real daredevil, and loved nothing better than to take off his life jacket while in the middle of the pool. We had to keep an eagle eye on him…

Seaworld was a great hit with the kids. Orla in particular fell in love with the animals, including the polar bears, whales, clown fish, dolphins and whales. But her favourites were the sharks. She begged to go swimming with them. We hope she’ll settle for the dolphins, at Discovery Cove on our next trip down south.

Meanwhile, as the rest of the family enjoyed their three weeks in the sun, I had to make do with just two weekends there. Work kept me busy in New York for two weeks, and then I spent a week in Germany with a stop-off in Dublin for a night. I managed to add an extra day on to the second weekend in Florida, before bringing the crew back to Rhinebeck – and the snow. It’s miserable weather here again; everyone misses Orlando already.

Still, at least we get to see the various animals again, including the latest addition, Marengo, our 16H quarter horse.


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