Enjoying Florida

February 18, 2004 | Leave a Comment

The kids are having a great time in Florida. Yesterday they were at the beach, and it was Orla’s first time playing in the waves. Indeed, she was the only one in swimming ’cause it was only in the 60’s (she’s clearly an Irish kid !). ¬†She built a sandcastle, too, and decorated it with pebbles. When it came time to go home, she left it “for the crabs to live in”. Incidentally, she’s decided that she wants to be a farmer when she grows up, a farmer with horses. She’s looking forward to riding Trunket in the summer.

Of course, she also enjoyed the jacuzzi at the house, thoroughly enjoying the splashing around and playing to the audience who were clapping at her dives.

Mama, say encore, say encore“, seeking applause as she prepared to jump in again.

It’s not been all fun and games for our Orla. She’s been busy, too. At dinner yesterday, grandma asked her to teach Eoghan some new words.

Eoghan, say train.

That’s a light.

This is a glass.

This is a bottle of wine.

Between encores and bottles of wine, this is going to be one sophisticated lady when she grows up !


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