Life here is getting crazier and crazier. The latest additions to the menagerie are Orla’s two fish, Dennis and Blacktail. She is so obsessed with them that she insists they live with her in her bedroom. When she’s up, during the day, she carries them around with her everywhere in a little bowl. Jennifer has to turn the TV around so that the fish can see the programs, too.

Both the kids are excited about going to Florida on Saturday for three weeks to see their cousins. (We’re hoping to leave the fish behind !) They’ll go to the zoo for the first time, on Monday. Orla wants to see the elephants, which is probably appropriate since Trunket (both a stuffed animal, and a steel elephant on Nantucket) is her favorite animal.

Eoghan has really taken to Henry, our bulldog, and takes her out to the garden for walks now. Meanwhile, since Orla doesn’t like to share her fish, and Eoghan likes to spill them on the floor, Jenn got him a plastic turtle ! And his first sentence ? He emerged from his room yesterday, to announce

I see turtle !


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