Florida !

February 16, 2004 | Leave a Comment

Jenn and the kids are enjoying warm weather at last. No, not in Rhinebeck, where right now at 9:30 on a monday morning it’s 10°F (-12°C). Instead, they’re down in Florida, on a three week holiday to recover from the snow and ice they’ve experienced all winter.

They travelled down with Jenn’s parents, and Orla was delighted to be sitting next to her Grandma, in a window seat. The flying didn’t faze her at all :

“Are you okay, Grandma ? We’re goin’ to blast off !

We’re blasting off !”

As they reached their destination, Jenn was trying to get Eoghan to sit down. Orla reassured her :

“Eoghan can stand up. It’s okay Momma, we’ve landed.

I’m okay. You okay, Grandma ?”

Both kids (and their Mom) were delighted to be in the warm weather, and wasted no time in getting into the pool. Later on, Orla (who truly is becoming quite the conversationalist) spoke to me on the phone :

“Hi Daddy, I’m not in the pool now because I’ve been swimming already.

I saw a lizard. It was black.

I’m going to see an alligator with Uncle Kris. We’re going to the zoo,

and we’re going to see goats and lions. We have to stay away from the elephants in case we get chickenpox.”

I’ve no idea what the elephant reference is. Perhaps I’ll find out next weekend, when I get down there myself…


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