Today Jenn took the kids to the carnival. Orla is a daredevil – she went down a 50 foot inflated slide by herself five times. She also climbed up a 10 foot (inflatable) rock wall by herself. Eoghan went down the slide, too, but he took the easy way – in Uncle Justin’s arms. He didn’t get the opportunity to show off his rock climbing ability because he was too small :-( Both the kids enjoyed getting their faces painted, and painting ceramic elephant vases for their Daddy.

Everyone is still recuperating from the flu. And soon I am heading to Wyoming.

We’ll be posting lots of pictures in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, Orla had a heart to heart talk with me.

Daddy, I want to be an astronaut !

Why ?

Because then I can go and walk on Luna, and talk to her.

She also told me that she wants to add to her menagerie :

Daddy, I caught a firefly and made a wish.

I wished for an alligator that doesn’t bite. I also wished for a unicorn.

Mama told me my wish might come true in a few days.

Jenn’s homeschooling must be working, because over dinner last night when I spelt z-e-b-r-a, Orla said

Daddy, why are you spelling zebra ?


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