Eoghan in the corn maze
The kids have been enjoying the good weather recently, and getting into the spirit of the season. Jenn took them to a 4-H session at Norrie Point Environmental Center, in nearby Mills-Norrie State Park. This event was one of a regular series at which they learn about nature, the environment, and local flora and fauna. On this occasion they learnt about the various fish that are found in the Hudson River, and did some fishing. Even Conall got into the swing of things, although Jenn decided to err on the side of prudence and made sure he didn’t have a real fishhook on his line !
The kids also enjoy going to an activity center where there are bouncy castles, and Conall in particular loves there. It’s also a treat for Jenn, since if Conall gets exhausted there then he’ll be much more sedate come bedtime and easier to persuade to go to sleep !
With the fall season we’ve been doing more cooking, trying out various recipes for pasta sauces, etc. The kids have been a big help chopping vegetables, and Eoghan has become quite the host, laying the table and providing canapes for us before dinner. Maybe he’ll end up in the food business…
The other fun activity this week was on Sunday, when I took Orla and Eoghan to meet some friends at Daisi Hill farm in Copake, near Millerton. There the kids got to go on a hayride, and see rabbits, chickens, geese and turkeys. A big blast for them was picking out pumpkins, writing a message on them, and then seeing them sent flying by giant catapults. The message Orla wrote on her pumpkin before it was ejected from the catapult to smash against a car on the other side of the field was quite appropriate – “kill me”…
Speaking of writing, Orla has been doing quite a bit of it recently. She’s enrolled in an online creative writing class, where the participants (10-12 year olds) are given several words and situations, (for example, cowboy, ice-cream, cruise ship, hot air balloon) around which they have to construct a story. In her second effort, which she did last week, her entry was voted by her classmates to be the best, and so she was pretty chuffed about it.
But while Orla is busy writing, Conall’s favourite pastime is to hit the freezer and take out a tub of ice-cream. He’ll stick the carton under his arm, grab a scoop, and go off to his favourite armchair or up to his room, curl up in front of his DVD player, and dig in. He’s a boy who knows exactly what he wants, and doesn’t hesitate to go get it !


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