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What a busy weekend this was. Friday was nominally a day off for me, since the college observed Columbus Day late, but I ended up coming in to work anyway. My weekend started off by heading to the movies with Eoghan and Orla and some of her friends, who were celebrating a birthday party. The movie was Secretariat, and was a great family movie about a tremendous racehorse. Of course it got a little hokey towards the end, in an attempt to increase tension, but of course we knew what the outcome of the races was going to be !
On Saturday we had a visit from Kevin and Lisa, and their kids, who were thrilled to see our new rabbits and turtle doves. Jenn made the mistake of heading towards the fairgrounds later on and discovered that the traffic was completely chaotic, the worst she’d ever seen. I, on the other hand, was safely away at work. Kevin and Lisa came back in the evening, and we all had dinner together before watching a movie on our big screen. When that was over they departed, taking Orla who was to have a sleepover with Emma, while Liam stayed with us for a sleepover with Eoghan; the two boys insisted on watching another movie so it was a late night for them.
On Sunday we had a leisurely morning, before Orla was dropped off. She and Eoghan were then taken by Grandma to a Haunted Hayride show at Headless Horseman. The jaded Eoghan announced on his return that it was “lame”; of course, Grandma was sensible enough not to let the kids go inside the haunted house or through the corn maze in the pitch dark. That, I think, would have scared the bejasus out of him!
Meanwhile, Jenn and I and Conall were treated to a visit from Anne and Mickey, whom we hadn’t seen in ages and we had a good time catching up with them. They had to head back home before dinner so the house was unusually quiet for an hour or two until the kids returned. We were reminded that Orla, although she normally covers it up very well, has a soft spot – she told us she missed us terribly on her sleepover, and was so glad to be home. She missed us all, she said, and her bed and her pets, although she drew a line at Henry, saying she didn’t miss the smelly dog.


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