Barn Dance

October 25, 2010 | Leave a Comment

Our grandiosely named "North Barn"

The North Barn

Those of you who have visited us know that our house is actually a converted carriage house, with two attached barns that form a U-shape, with a courtyard in the middle. We haven’t really done much with the “North barn” (rather a grandiose title, I suppose) except to store stuff. Now, however, Jenn has decided that we should make more use of it as a kids playroom.
Conall hard at work
The kids all pitched in and help Jenn rearrange a lot of the junk stored there. We’ll move our Gator and tractor into the garage, and then there will be a big open space that we plan to use for a train layout – Eoghan, and Conal in particular, really love trains. Conall is content to watch videos of them for hours, so we’re going to ask Santa Claus to bring a lot of trains that we will set up on a table for them. We certainly have the space for a decent setup!
Eoghan working the turntable...Jenn and the kids had music while they worked in the barn – Eoghan discovered the old Victrola that we had bought at an auction about ten years ago, along with a bunch of 78’s, so he started playing it. Right now his favorite music to play on it is a foxtrot. He must be an old guy at heart…

Apart from cleaning the barn, the kids have been busy with their classes. They really enjoy the online classes that they do, as well as those where they meet up with their local homeschool friends. They continue to go to one of the local stables for their horseseriding classes, and they have a new music class with several other families that meets in our house. This week was National Chemistry Week, and so I took the two older kids to an open house at Marist College, where they and about 20 other kids got to see the chemistry labs and do lot of experiments such as making goo, and playing with non-Newtonian liquids (those that get hard when you compress them), and making magic bubbles with dry ice. It was loads of fun, and the folks at Marist were really welcoming and excited to be showing off their facilities.

Friday night saw me taking Orla and Eoghan to the movies, where we saw “Red”, an action movie with Bruce Willis and John Malkovich. Like many of the movies directed by David Mamet, it was very well done and enjoyable, a pleasant mix of action, comedy and sentiment. Orla said it was her new favourite movie !


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