Eoghan continues to be Mr. Fixit around the house. After breaking the weather radio (which Jenn tried unsuccessfully to fix several times), he sat down with it and after a few minutes he had it fixed. There’s also a VCR here that Jenn thought was broken, since she could no longer get it to work. Eoghan, of course, is the only one who can now use it.

His favourite new thing in the world is his pet, Carson (a chameleon). Jenn is finally able to get him to sleep through the night by putting Carson next to his crib. When she goes in to check on him his head is usually by the bars in the middle of his crib, alongside Carson.

He has tamed the animal completely (or exhausted it, we’re not sure which). He carries Carson everywhere with him, including outside in the garden and in the car.

Orla’s chameleons are a bit on the wilder side. During one of her training sessions with the small beasts, she was bitten on the finger. We obviously have a carniverous chameleon.

Meanwhile, she continues to train for her first horse show, on July 30th. She’ll be riding her pony, Rainbow Trunket. We’re still trying to decide on her colours – suggestions are welcome ! We’re thinking of a green jacket (for Ireland) and purple since it’s her favourite colour.

Jenn continues to redesign the house. We now have an enormous blackboard and desk in the middle of the kitchen.

Grandma was here this week. On one of her many shopping outings, at an antique shop, Orla exclaimed :

Cool, Momma, are we at the junkyard ?

Orla informed Grandma what her shopoping list should include – a real zebra.

When Grandma replied that she couldn’t find a zebra anywhere, Orla told her :

It’s easy, Grandma !

You just get on a plane and fly to Africa and you get a zebra.

But you have to be careful of the lions !

We’re a little worried about Orla’s adventurous streak, since her new favourite show is “Crocodile Hunter”. And she’s determined to fill the house with animals.

She wants her next acquisition to be a parrot, which she informed us she could teach to talk.

God help us !


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