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May 28, 2004 | Leave a Comment

This is getting ridiculous. Over the last year or two we have collected a motley assortment of animals, at Orla’s instigation. There have been Gin and Tikki (Gin, alas, has gone the way of a good Gordon’s and tonic); 6 rabbits (of whom two are still with us); two dogs – Laoise and Henry and God knows how many fish (we suffered another casualty today, with the demise of Dennis (although Nemo, Orla’s clown fish, and assorted shrimp, snails and a star fish are still breathing (if, in fact, that’s what fish do)). (Actually, it was Big Dennis that went to the big river in the sky. Little Dennis is still alive. Blacktail copped it, too. As did the two zebra fish (Zebra One and Zebra Two), and a purple fish named Flower). Then there’s Trunket, her pony, and Marengo, my horse. And Cheyenne, our other horse. (And who else, but Orla, has a pet fly ? Named Flyee, of course. Oh, actually, Flyee was her butterfly. Her pet fly is called Pet).

And that’s not to mention the various skunks, possums, baby robins, red cardinals, deer, wild turkey and squirrels that hang out in the garden.

So, in my naivete, I assumed that our menagerie was sufficiently diverse – and extensive – to satisfy the most animal-loving of animal lovers. But then, I reckoned without Orla and Jennifer.

No, they want to open up a zoo here. So it’s probably no surprise to anyone other than me that I arrived home from work today to discover the latest additions – Speedy, the turtle, and five (five !) chameleons.

Now I know what you’re thinking. So many animals – how to name them all. But don’t worry, Orla is a past master at naming her pets. The chameleons are called Carson, Rainbow, Shark, Brian and Dada. (Okay, so Eoghan named the last one. And his turtle, which is on order – he’s already named it Tucker).

Orla, surprise, surprise, has decided that she wants to be an animal doctor when she grows up. She carrys Speedy (that’s the turtle, in case you’re losing track) around in a little case, and Eoghan carrys his chameleons (or anoles) around too. In fact, Orla wouldn’t let us have a family outing to the cinema today -

Daddy, we can’t go – who will babysit Speedy ?

Jenn claims it’s all due to the homeschooling; I guess the kids are certainly learning something – when I came in today they presented me with their latest artistic masterpieces, Matisse impressions.

I’ve just given up, and figure that so long as I don’t find a tarantula (there’s one for sale in the local pet shop) in my bed, I’m okay.


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