Conall continues to make his presence felt in the house. When he’s not screeching out like a train whistle, as he plays with his trains, he can be found either playing on his computer, sprawled out in an armchair watching a video or listening to an audiobook on his iPod, or dancing up a storm in the kitchen. Unlike the other two, he is more aware of when he’s tired. Whereas Orla and Eoghan will just get wilder and crankier as they get tired, Conall will decide he wants to go to bed. Last night was a typical example. Eoghan came downstairs in tears of frustration since his character had just been killed in a game, Wizard 101, after he had spent an hour trying to solve some challenge. Unimpressed with the noise, Conall came downstairs from his bedroom and admonished us all Quiet. I’m trying to sleep.
Conall is also, as I mentioned before, quite concerned about us all. A few days ago he said to me Dad, you look sick. You need to get some sleep. And if he sees me drinking a glass of wine, he’ll say Dad, don’t drink wine. It will make you sick.
If I pretend to be sad if he won’t give me a kiss, he’ll say Dad, don’t cry. Don’t cry like a bay-bee !
The funniest thing with Conall at the moment, though, is when he tries to tell a joke. Orla and Eoghan sometimes like to tell “Knock, knock” jokes, with a favourite being:

Knock, Knock.
— Who’s there ?
— Banana, who ?
Knock, Knock.
–Who’s there?
— Banana, who ?
Knock, Knock.
— Who’s there?
— Orange, who ?
Orange you glad I didn’t say “Banana” ?

Conall now seems to think that every “Knock, Knock” joke ends with “banana” ! So he’ll tell you a joke like this

Knock, Knock
— Who’s there ?
— Thomas, who ?
Thomas the tank engine, banana !

and start laughing hysterically, as if he’s just told the funniest joke ever !


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