Happy Christmas

December 25, 2010 | Leave a Comment

The kids are delighted. Christmas is here, and Santa was good to them. They’ve been looking forward to today for the past few weeks, and even went to bed (relatively) early last night in order not to be awake when Santa and the reindeer stopped by. Poor Santa only got some milk and cookies which, considering the cool snap we’ve been having recently, probably didn’t warm him up as much as a shot of Middleton Rare Irish Whiskey would have done….
Our preparations have been in full swing for the past week or so. This year, the kids prevailed upon me to get a tree earlier than last year. We went out last year the day before Christmas Eve to pick up tree, only to find that the Christmas Tree Farm was closed for the season ! Even though we eventually managed to find one, this year we were taking no chances and went out a week early, and picked up a nice one.
As usual I delegated the Christmas shopping to Jenn, and she did a good job. Orla, however, hacked in to our Amazon account to see what was coming. I think she learnt her lesson, because she realized it took some of the fun and anticipation out of the occasion. Maybe now she’ll use her powers for good, rather than evil ! But I can’t be too hard on her, because we know where she got those hacking genes…
Dinner is almost ready, the kids are playing with their toys (trains for Conall and Eoghan, among other stuff, and Breyer horses and books for Orla), and we have some family movies lined up for this evening. Life is good. Merry Christmas !


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