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December 27, 2010 | Leave a Comment

Brian with the snow blower

Making a snow maze

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If the total lunar eclipse on Dec 21st was a bit of a damp squib, due to the fog covering up the main event, the winter storm forecast for St. Stephen’s Day certainly turned out to be a heck of a blizzard. We ended up getting about 16 inches of snow, but the wind was very strong and ended up blowing the snow into large drifts in places.
Our heating system has the house divided into three zones, and in the middle of the night one of the zones kicked out. Unfortunately that zone was for the bedrooms, but fortunately they’re over the kitchen and so the AGA kept the temperature reasonable. We were lucky that it happened on the Christmas night rather than Christmas Eve and so managed to get a technician without any difficulty first thing in the morning to come fix the system.
We were well stocked up, with lots of turkey and ham left over from Christmas Day, although I did head out to grab some more supplies and to make sure we had gas for the snow blower. The snow started around lunchtime, coming in like the proverbial lamb, being fairly calm for the first few hours. After dinner, Orla and Eoghan and I were oblivious to it all, and had our feet up watching a movie on our big screen, munching on candy, with (for me) a bottle of wine within easy reach. The wind started to pick up, though, and at one stage the doors to our barn blew open. The snow was piling up in there until crazy Jennifer, dressed in a bathrobe, ventured out to close up. The things she does for us!
We woke up this morning to a winter wonderland. As usual, the first order of business was to make a maze in the snow for the kids, and to make sure we had a path to the rabbits and birds. I was in the middle of making the maze when Jenn’s Mom called frantically – she was stuck in a snowdrift! She had decided not to wait for the snow plough guy to clear around her house, and was out the back trying to shovel show away from her conservatory when she slipped. She was lucky that she had a cellphone in her pocket, because she couldn’t get up, and the weather was cold. Fortunately she lives just down the road so I was able to be her Sir Galahad. One might think that the trauma would be enough for her, but no – a short while later she was back out shoveling…


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