July 29, 2004 | Leave a Comment

Eoghan has really started to talk in the past few weeks. He’s very direct now in expressing just what he wants.

For example, since Jenn made the mistake of buying him matchbox cars in CVS (the local drugstore) on a number of occasions, he now insists:

I want car CVS. Now.

When he gets there, he goes straight inside the shop and runs to the aisle where the toy cars are. Jenn brought them to CVS today, and unfortunately the kids noticed that in the same isle that held the cars there were also squirt bottles. Eoghan and his sister immediately purchased them, before proceeding to destroy the house with water.

Meanwhile, he’s not as much of a pushover for Orla now, and has started to stand up to her:

Orla no, that’s mine. No share Orla.

He sticks his face in hers and says I want yellow.

And just as Orla used to say I want too much, to indicate that she wanted more of something, he now says I want 7,8,9.

He’s also more interactive when playing games now, his favorite with Jenn being “You Eoghan, me Mommy”.

When Jenn says, No, I’m not Eoghan,┬áhe replies Yes, you Eoghan and he roars with laughter.

His favourite toy now is a rubber lizard, “Rainbow Carson”, or “Carson” (don’t ask) to which he is totally attached. He sleeps with it, he takes it to the pool club with him, and to restaurants. Tonight at dinner, he fed it a piece of lettuce off his plate and said “Carson food“. He’ll be very responsible when he gets older !


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