Saturday saw us head down to Mt. Kisco, to Tara and Pat’s, for Jack’s first birthday. A fun time was had by all, with the kids enjoying the bouncing castle and general mayhem. And Orla, of course, was delighted to meet her Godmother again. The grown-ups enjoyed letting the kids entertain themselves (for a few minutes !).

Unfortunately we couldn’t stay too long, ’cause we had to rush back home to meet RB and Greg – so Eoghan was able to meet his Godmother !

Unbenownst to Greg, we had planned a different night out. We brought him and RB to Southlands, our local stable, for a genuine hoe-down, kick-up-your-heels, square dance. It wasn’t what they were used to in Connecticut, but that’s the danger you run when you come to visit those of us who live in the sticks.

Despite not being exactly Fred and Ginger types, we all had a smashing good time watching everyone else – from five year olds to whatevers – strut their respective stuff in stompin’ good fashion. In fact, even us city slickers got caught up in the moment, and found ourselves strutting our own stuff in a most indecorous fashion with the best of them. My only disappointment was that I had forgotten to bring my cowboy hat and chaps.

Next time we’ll bring the kids. And the out-laws. 


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