December 17, 2004 | Leave a Comment

So we had a great time tonight in New York. Liam was in town and we had a great time catching up – talking about the old times in St. Paul’s, and on the buses, and the characters like the Flower Cooley, and John Colburn, and Spacer 1 and Spacer 2 on the Space Shuttle.

And then it was off home in a cab, which proceeded to wind it’s way downtown, pass the Irish Arts Centre, and out onto the west side highway.

And then the cab passes The Intrepid. When you remember that, really, it’s only a midget, a World War II class carrier, like a rowboat compared to the modern carriers, even still – or especially still – all you can say is, “Wow“.

It’s at times like this you remember that New York the most awesome city in the world…


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