Knock, Knock !

November 20, 2004 | Leave a Comment

Orla has been developing her sense of humour recently. She loves to learn new jokes, and try them out on you. One of her favourite things to do now is to tease her Uncle Justin with her “knock, knock” joke:

Knock, knock.

Who’s there ?


Justin who ?

Justin time !

She is continuing her studies in ballet, and is also enjoying winter ice-skating with Grandma. But beware – if you go ice-skating with her, she’ll remember how many times you’ve fallen, and tell everyone !

Jenn’s dad has unfortunately been diagnosed with Mantle Cell Lymphoma, so Jenn has been busy doing research and creating a website with information about it. Orla knows that Grandad is sick, so she offered some advice to Sue :

Tell him to eat apples, Grandma. An apple a day keeps the doctor away !

Now, everything she eats, she asks her mother whether or not it’s healthy. So lately she’s been refusing kit-kat’s and candy as a snack, and has substituted Diet Coke with seltzer…

Eoghan has just started to take an interest in TV; his two favorite shows are “Thomas, the tank engine” (no surprise there), and “Bob the builder”. He’s cute in the morning singing along with the theme-songs. He’ll be in second heaven when Daddy takes him to see “Spongebob, the movie”.

His mom bought him a play toolset today, in hopes that he’ll be more handy than his daddy when he grows up. She thinks he’s already more useful, because he goes wild over taking out the garbage in the city to the rubbish chute. She never has to ask twice, and he insists on carrying each bag, even those twice his size. Jenn is still planning on signing him up for boxing lessons once he’s old enough so he’ll have brains and brawn both. (She picked boxing, since both of her grandfathers were boxers, and her dad was trained by Rocky Marciano).


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