November 30, 2004 | Leave a Comment

Who does a better job of cooking turkey ? That was the question we had to consider last week. Determined to produce a more edible bird than the 28 pounder we had last year, we decided to go with two 18 pounders this year. And since we were going to be cooking two, we decided to compare our culinary skills. I chose to cook one overnight, and Jenn to cook one on Thanksgiving Day.

Unfortunately, we both miscalculated slightly. Mine was cooking for 16 hours, about 6 hours longer than I anticipated. Jenn’s was going for about 5, 2 hours more than needed. Still, they turned out pretty darn good, or so claimed our guests.

Morgan and Jenn came up for the day, and Ian and June were over for a week, with Julie in tow. Nobody complained about the food, although Eoghan was somewhat less than gruntled about the fact that Julie kept trying to pull down his underpants. Given that she’s not even 2 yet, he decided to forgive her, but still I wonder about that girl. Give her 20 years and God only knows what will happen… I took a few pictures (with everyone fully clothed) which I hope to get up next weekend.

(By the way, 28 pound turkeys are pretty bad, cooking skills notwithstanding. Most warships in the days of sail shot nothing larger than 24 pound cannon balls. I can only imagine how the battles would have been with turkeys flying everywhere).


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