It’s hard to know where the time is going. We’ve been pretty busy over the past few weeks. First, we had our trip to Mystic, Connecticut – home of Mystic Pizza, and Mystic Seaport – and that’s about it. Still, we had a nice weekend there with Grandma as you can see from these pictures. It’s good to know that with Orla even if the navigation system in the car fails that we won’t get lost. We were discussing where a particular town was, and Orla suggests

Just roll down the window and ask for directions

Anyway, we decided that Connecticut is nice to visit but we’ll stay in Rhinebeck. After all, we can get pizza there, too.

The following weekend brought us Mary and Monica, and her two boys, visting from Ireland. They had a blast, with a game at The Garden, and shopping ’til they dropped. We managed to meet for dinner with Barbara and had a great time catching up.

That brought us up to Hallowe’en, which is shaping up to be Orla’s favourite holiday. (Okay, so she likes Christmas and birthdays too, but you get the picture). This year she decided she wanted to be a tiger, and Eoghan was “Thomas, The Tank Engine”. They marched in the parade and then we went out trick-or-treating, collecting lots of goodies.

This weekend, we had Jenn and Morgan – and Rooster – up to visit. We took it easy, bringing them to explore the local farmers’ market and testing out our new car.

The weather has been spectacular these past two weeks – yesterday, for example, it was 69F, but this week we’re forecast to have snow. I certainly hope it holds off for a few more weeks so we can enjoy what’s left of our prolonged autumn…

Meanwhile, the kids are busy carving out a life in the city, too. Orla is enrolled in art school, and is making a name for herself. Grandma is framing one of her pieces and adding it to her collection. Eoghan is developing a new interest in books and can oft times be found relaxing in a chair, flicking through the pages and taking after his daddy.

Watch out Robin Cousins, or Katarina Witt – because today saw Orla taking to the ice for the first time. She and Grandma spent the afternoon gliding across the rink at Rockefeller Center like two figures on a wedding cake. They had a ball, and are sure to be regulars there over the winter.

(By the way, now is probably a good time to buy a piece from Orla’s portfolio. You can only imagine how it will appreciate over the next 40 or so years. I can let you have a good deal…)


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