This just in…Eoghan’s art poster was one of the winners in his age group in a competition run by the US Coast Guard:

I am pleased to inform you that one of your students, Eoghan Haughey, has been selected as a finalist in this year’s contest. Congratulations! We had a record level of participation–more than 150 entries from 7 countries. The judges commented on the exceptional quality of the work and the difficulty of choosing just 12 finalists.

For being selected as a finalist, Eoghan will receive a calendar with the artwork from all 12 winners and a signed photograph and certificate from world-famous oceanographer Dr. Robert Ballard. In order to complete the calendar, we will need you to send us Eoghan’s original artwork. Please confirm that you have the artwork, and will be in touch later in the week with directions on where to send it. After we have received the original artwork from all 12 finalists, we will also be posting a gallery of the winning posters. Stay tuned to to view the gallery in the coming weeks.

Eoghan's poster of the "Titanic"

Eoghan's poster of the "Titanic"

Eoghan is thrilled, as he and Orla spent several hours, at the end of March, watching live webcasts of explorations directed by the famed oceanographer Dr. Ballard, who is famous for, among other things, discovering the wreck of the “Titanic”. Indeed, they were so interested by the documentaries that they wrote to his staff about an item they spotted in the ocean floor. The documentary was about the search for a slave ship, and kids thought they saw chains on the seabed. An NOAA researcher on the program wrote back to them suggesting that what they saw was actually the fecal cast of a sea cucumber:
Fecal Cast of a sea cucumber

Taken by by NOAA ship Okeanos Explorer. Click on the picture to learn more...


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