March Madness

March 6, 2005 | Leave a Comment

Orla still is fond of her Daddy, and told him that he was better than a present or a wish. (We wonder how long that affection will last !) She’s growing up and becoming quite the social butterfly, going to visit her aunts and uncle on her own. And she takes a great interest in her adopted auntis, too : She is suggesting names for Raven’s baby : if it’s a girl, Zebra, and if it’s a boy, Sean, after Dr. Sean Bush (her favourite star on TV).

Eoghan is getting older, too, and developing quite the personality. He loves to tease his Daddy and has quite the Irish sense of humour now. His drawing is getting better, and he’s switched his favorite color from yellow to orange. His attention span is longer now; he does his homework with Orla, and after completing tasks he’ll sigh and say That’s hard work ! And if you ask him his name, don’t be surprised if he corrects you and tells you it’s not Eoghan, it’s Eoghnie !

Incidentally, Orla got her first report card from school recently; her teacher was impressed with her work and her neatness. The latter comes from her mother, not her father !

We’re getting fed up with the snow. We’re sorely tempted to hop on a plane and head to Florida until it’s all melted. But the kids still enjoy playing in it so I guess it’s not so bad…


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