Click here for photos from our get-together….
Those who knew me back in my UCD computer science days in the early 1980’s no doubt remember the terminal room G31, where we made use( dare I say that it was unauthorized?) of the college’s DEC-20 and VAX-11/780 systems. Dave, Kierman and I roamed the world using a free Eirpac (X.25 network) account that brought us to, among other places, the Marshall Space Flight Center, to Australia, and to Sweden. It was by connecting to a DEC-2065, AIDA, in Uppsala that we became friends with Bjorn Victor, KPJ, and others in Update, the college computer club, who opened our eyes to what a truly collaborative institution a college could be when it was run by open-minded administrators.
With what we learnt from those guys we had a lot of fun, and several close shaves with the UCD Computer Centre staff, before we finally graduated, providing us with lots of stories from those days that we rehash over pints. Unfortunately we never did get to meet many of the folks there at the time, but we did manage to meet KPJ several years later when we came to UCD to work as a consultant for EuroKom (now, an electronic mail server for EU projects.
Fast forward 28 or so years. I saw from a Facebook posting that Bjorn Victor was coming to New York on vacation, and immediately decided that it would be great to finally meet up in person. With Ian back in town, we met for barbecue at . We had a fun time with Bjorn and his daughter Ellen over ribs, before heading out to several Irish bars, where we chatted about the past over a few pints.
You can see some pictures here.


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